(New Video Post) Embrace Your Natural Curl w/ @MalaikaRussell #beautyadvice


Happy New Year Folks! I’m starting it off with hair!

I met my curl sister! LOL I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely & talented Malaika Russell before the holiday and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we could legitimately be sisters! We have basically the same curl pattern and a very similar genetic makeup! Woop! I love meeting people that could be related to me, something about it makes me feel happy. When I met up with Malaika I decide to have a chat with her about “embracing your natural curls”, this is something that a lot of natural girls struggle with, especially if they are transitioning or putting down the flat iron for good! It’s hard to embrace your natural curls at first, especially if they are damaged and have atleast six months to a year before they are amazing, but trust me we’ve all been there and this whole period will eventually be worth it so hold on! Check out the video below and a bonus video I did a while back about bringing your curls back! Happy New Year!

(New Video Post) Hair Color Advice for Curly Hair with @BiancaAlexa #BeautyAdviceForMyYoungerSelf

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Hey guys!

I recently sat down with my girl Simply Bianca to chat about hair color and the good, bad and ugly about dying your hair! If you’ve followed me for awhile then you’ll know that I have changed my look a lot, especially my hair color. I’ve done everything from blonde to red and all the in between colors and because of that my hair has seen a lot of damage and rebuilding to get it to the healthy state it is in now. When I sat down with Bianca the most important thing I wanted to ask her is what advice she would give to her younger self about hair dye from knowing what she knows? Both of us said that we would tell our younger selves that treatments were the key to maintaining any type of health and to stay away from the heat! If you’re thinking about dying your hair or have been through a journey with it like us, check out our video below and join the discussion.

(New Video Post) Healthy Hair Journey [Curly Tutorial and Tips]


Hey Guys!

Guess what? Two days till my birthday! Woop! Woop! But back to the subject at hand, on a nearly daily basis I get into conversations about my hair, whether meeting people with similar hair to mine and they want to discuss products or people asking how I got my hair to healthy state. I love having hair convos because hair is one of those topics that I find endlessly fascinating because similar to genetics we all have our own unique texture, curl pattern and much more when it comes to our hair. I decided today to open up the discussion with you guys and share some of the things that I have done along my hair journey to get my hair healthy and a little peek into my daily routine for how I do my hair. Check out the video below and let me know some of your own tips for getting healthy hair! Enjoy!

(new video post) Quick fix bad hair day tricks – “when in doubt just frizz it out”

My schedule has been crazy lately and I haven’t had much time to make sure my hair is prim and proper for every meeting and appointment and unfortunately my curly hair has a 3-4 day expiration period before I start to look full blown crazy so here are some quick fixes I’ve been doing lately to fix my hair when I’m in a rush all while embracing what I’ve got! 🙂