(New Video Post) Embrace Your Natural Curl w/ @MalaikaRussell #beautyadvice


Happy New Year Folks! I’m starting it off with hair!

I met my curl sister! LOL I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely & talented Malaika Russell before the holiday and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we could legitimately be sisters! We have basically the same curl pattern and a very similar genetic makeup! Woop! I love meeting people that could be related to me, something about it makes me feel happy. When I met up with Malaika I decide to have a chat with her about “embracing your natural curls”, this is something that a lot of natural girls struggle with, especially if they are transitioning or putting down the flat iron for good! It’s hard to embrace your natural curls at first, especially if they are damaged and have atleast six months to a year before they are amazing, but trust me we’ve all been there and this whole period will eventually be worth it so hold on! Check out the video below and a bonus video I did a while back about bringing your curls back! Happy New Year!

(New Video Post) Hair Color Advice for Curly Hair with @BiancaAlexa #BeautyAdviceForMyYoungerSelf

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Hey guys!

I recently sat down with my girl Simply Bianca to chat about hair color and the good, bad and ugly about dying your hair! If you’ve followed me for awhile then you’ll know that I have changed my look a lot, especially my hair color. I’ve done everything from blonde to red and all the in between colors and because of that my hair has seen a lot of damage and rebuilding to get it to the healthy state it is in now. When I sat down with Bianca the most important thing I wanted to ask her is what advice she would give to her younger self about hair dye from knowing what she knows? Both of us said that we would tell our younger selves that treatments were the key to maintaining any type of health and to stay away from the heat! If you’re thinking about dying your hair or have been through a journey with it like us, check out our video below and join the discussion.

(New Post) @LoveLottaBody #MyStyleMatters Prize Giveaway


Hey guys!

I’m very excited to let you know that today I am the style ambassador for Lotta Body Hair Products! They have a great campaign going on during the month of November called #MyStyleMatters asking women to talk about why the way they wear their hair matters to them! They are also doing a contest and giving away a prize pack, gift card and a Louis Vuitton Bag. All you have to do to enter is follow @LottaBody on instagram and upload a photo or a video completing the sentence “Dear Lottabody, my style matters because…” . Check out my video below of why #mystylematters good luck!


(New Video Post) Natural Beauty Tips For Thin Eyebrows & Lashes from @HeyFranHey

Hey guys!

My girl Fran aka Hey Fran Hey has got THE BEST tips for enhancing your beauty the natural way! She put me on to Coconut Oil and my hair and nails have never been better and I wouldn’t have used Kinky Curly Leave In Conditioner if she didn’t take me to Ricky’s and literally put it in my hands! I trust her, the girl knows what she’s talking about! So I was very happy this morning to find her latest video (youtube.com/heyfranhey) on how to grow your eyebrows and eye lashes the natural way! My eye brows have always been very sparse and if I don’t fill them in, I practically have nothing at all. In Fran’s latest video she suggests using Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil and an empty mascara bottle and just apply them the same way you would a deep conditioner to your hair.  It looks very simple and she says if you don’t have those oils (which are the best choices) then you can use Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil or Aloe Vera. Keep in mind she points out this is no over night success and but you can expect to see results within a 3-4 month period, which is what I expected. I can’t wait to give this a try, check out her video below to see how it’s done. Thanks for always providing amazing tips Fran!!