(New Video Post) How I Changed My Life in 100 Days #SelfLoveSaturday

Happy Self Love Saturday!

How are you guys doing? My apologies that I’ve been slacking with the posts, but I’m coming back strong! Today I wanted to give you a little insight into how I turned my life around in the positive way in 100 days, by running. The running lead to overall working out, which lead to being more proactive about what I eat which lead to getting closer to God in away that I never imagined which has all equated to feeling, looking and being better! Check out my video below and I’m doing a Giveaway with As I Am Naturally that you’ll definitely want to be apart of!

(New Video Post) Gloing Up? What Now? #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!!!

So we’re in phase one of the “Glo Up” what do we do now? This is when we plan, strategize and then execute. We know we want better for ourselves and to change and now the only thing to focus on is how? How, why and what do we need to do? I love strategy, it gives me energy to come up with a new plan and I’m truly excited when I begin to execute it. The last 2 weeks have been spent, dreaming, analyzing and planning for my future and accepting my present state. I feel hopeful, grateful and a lot more energized.

Take this weekend to make a plan for yourself, check out my video below and let me know how your beginning is going!

(New Video Post) “The Glo Up” Challenge Yourself #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!

So announcement to make guys… WE’RE GLO-ING UP!

I’ve been so inspired by the 21 day detox and how amazing it made me feel, inside and out. It was one of the first times in my life that I started to see the “SHE” in myself that I’ve always wanted to see and then I had a great conversation with my friend Karyn, who also did the 21 day detox about continuing on this path. We both agreed, the pressure to grow, and become our best selves couldn’t stop after 21 days, but we needed to keep with this energy until we completely became HER! I’m going back to the daily vlogs starting on Dec 1st so please subscribe to my channel  to keep up with everything.

So what does a glo’up mean? What does that look like? It means bettering yourself in every way until you are completely satisfied with who you see in the mirror and then figuring out how to improve that person again lol. For me that means, hot yoga, God, singing, acting, love, self love, creativity, exercise, weight lifting, wellness, being as natural as possible, find joy, faith over fear, new goals, executing my goals, running, 10k race, Half Marathon Race, laughing A LOT, strengthening my friendships, hanging out with my mom, filming all of the time, writing daily,  and more.

So are you ready to challenge yourself?


(New Video Post) #21DayDetox Days 7-12

This detox is flying by! I’m now really getting the hang of it and loving the way I feel so it’s been easy for me to resist the breads/grains and sugars and dairy. I’m already planning want permanent changes I want to make when I’m finished the 21 days, so far I’m thinking I’ll definitely cut the dairy, I had already greatly reduced my cheese intake but doing this detox has showed me that I really don’t need or miss the cheese and even though I absolutely love bread I’m not a fan of how it makes me feel so I’ll probably do a big cut back on that as well.

How is the detox going for you? What day are you on? Check out my update videos below! xo

(New Video Post) “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” [Vlog

Happy Self Love Saturday!!

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words” is a common saying that we’ve all heard a trillion times, but this week I had a lesson in accepting it.

It seems simple but over the years I have had a hard time truly accepting the actions of others when it goes against my image of them or getting something I want. But this week I think I finally got it and then I realized the same goes for myself in terms of accountability, am I just talking the talk? Or am I walking the walk too?

Our words mean nothing if there’s no action to back it up and this week I had a lot of self reflection and questions for myself because there’s nothing louder than the volume of our actions. So ask your self, how often to point fingers in regards to your situation? What are you physically doing to change your situation and who in your life are you listening to in the wrong way? Listening to their words instead of their actions? Check out my video below and let me know how your week has been!

(New Video Post) Dear Diary [Vlog] #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!

This past week was a busy one for me, I had my Empowerment Weekend with 2 days of back to back events in Los Angeles! Day 1 was “The Black Women in Entertainment: Behind The Scenes” panel and networking event featuring Chika Chukudebelu (BET), Deniese Davis (Issa Rae Productions) & Karen Horne (NBC). These are all women that I admire and I’m inspired by so to have them on one panel talking about their experiences was life changing for me.

And Day 2 was The Self Love Tea Time featuring Keesha Sharp who I love with all of my heart for everything that she is! Both events were a fantastic success and exactly the reset that I needed for myself.

I’ve been feeling really down and stuck lately and I was worried that my energy was going to be low going into these events but instead these events helped to kick me out of my funk. I truly felt better, inspired, excited and a little more focused by the end of the weekend. Sometimes the lesson that we’re trying to teach others is actually the one we need for ourselves. Check out my latest Vlog below.




(New Video Post) Working Out in Small Spaces #FitandFrugal with @RobVincent03


Hey guys!

Today is another edition of “Fit and Frugal” with Rob Vincent and today Rob is giving us 5 workouts to help keep your heart rate up and tone your muscles that you can do in the comfort of your studio apartment! That means your saving on going to the gym or if you’re short on time and need to get a quick workout in, these are the moves to try! Check out the video below.

(New Video Post) Fit & Frugal With @RobVincent03 [Health on a Budget]


Hey guys!

I’ve started a new series on my youtube channel called “Fit & Frugal” Featuring my good friend Rob Vincent who plays Romeo on Black Actress. Rob is what I like to consider “a realistic fitness and health expert”. He’s really good at taking care of himself through healthy choices and giving advice to others on how to do it all on a budget so I just HAD to feature him on JungleWild Daily! Check out our first episode and expect more Episodes on Tuesdays of this month. Enjoy!

(New Video Post) Reactions to #BeyondComplicated – 2 Days Away!! 3/9/16

My latest series #BeyondComplicated is only 2 days away from being released on youtube.com/AndreaLewisChannel! Woop! Woop! My favorite part of this show so far is the reactions from anyone who’s seen it, whether on set while filming or the completed episodes. We’ve gotten strong reactions and sides are chosen immediately on who’s right and who’s wrong! Mark your calendars for Wednesday March 9th, who’s side will you be on?

(New Video Post) Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!

Hey guys, today I want to share a video I did while I was exploring Venice Beach in Los Angeles. There’s so much beautiful art in that area and little bits of inspiration in every corner. I happened to stumble on a mural that said “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” and it inspired me to talk about that subject on this edition of SelfLoveSaturday. Check out the video below,