(New Video Post) Healthy Hair Journey [Curly Tutorial and Tips]


Hey Guys!

Guess what? Two days till my birthday! Woop! Woop! But back to the subject at hand, on a nearly daily basis I get into conversations about my hair, whether meeting people with similar hair to mine and they want to discuss products or people asking how I got my hair to healthy state. I love having hair convos because hair is one of those topics that I find endlessly fascinating because similar to genetics we all have our own unique texture, curl pattern and much more when it comes to our hair. I decided today to open up the discussion with you guys and share some of the things that I have done along my hair journey to get my hair healthy and a little peek into my daily routine for how I do my hair. Check out the video below and let me know some of your own tips for getting healthy hair! Enjoy!


  1. Hey Andrea, how do you style your hair throughout the rest of the week and how do you sleep on your curls? 

  2. Vickie Victor says:

    I absolutely love your hair. What do you do at night throughout the week to maintain your hair. I know you re-wet it the middle of the week but it’s there something you do everyday to make sure that your hair is not dry and looks good? If I simply sleep at night in a bonnet my hair would have clumped up together and turned into a big fro and goodbye beautiful wash and go. Any tips?

  3. I LOVE talking about and researching hair care as well! A little to much! Lol!! often find myself talking to those who ask about my hair/care a little toooo long! Lol! Your video was excellent! Thanks for taking the time! 

  4. I love you & your hair! such a beautiful spirit :)

  5. Great tips I definitely need to drink more water everything else I’m doing ok with. Also I must try out Salon 718 need a good trim. Thanks for sharing