(New Video Post) How To Start A Self Love Journey #SelfLoveSaturday

Hey guys! Happy Self Love Saturday

This is a post for anyone who wants to start a Self Love Journey but you don’t know where to start! I have 3 very simple tips that can help get you on your way!

1. Love Letters: 

Keep a notepad by your bed and every morning when you wake up, write yourself a note! On this note declare the type of day you want to have and the way you want to feel about your self. Give yourself a little piece of advice to keep with you through the day. I find that writing it out is better than just speaking it into the universe because you are able to re-read this note through out your day.

2. Vision Board:

I absolutely LOVE vision boards! It’s a great way to create the life you want and have it as a daily reminder for what you want and what you’re working towards. If you haven’t done your vision board for 2014 yet, I strongly advise that you do. It serves as a great source of motivation.

3. Make a goal and give yourself a deadline: 

This year I plan to not only have goals for the whole year but I’m also giving myself smaller monthly goals, 30 days to complete or try something new that’ll help me to improve as a person. I recently found a very inspiring story from a young woman named Lakeisha who wanted to lose weight and gain self-esteem in 100 days and she did it! I loved the story so much and I did a little more research and I found the site Giveit100.com This site is encouraging people to take a 100 days to go after a dream, there’s nothing too big or too small! On this site, people are documenting their journey’s and giving themselves 100 days to improve. A really think setting small goals and giving your self a deadline to complete it is a great thing to do! It gives you something to work towards and look forward to and helps to make a great habit of setting and completing goals.

Hope this small tips help, I’ll keep giving advice as I continue in my own Self Love Journey and figure out what works best for me!