(New Video Post) “Let Your Dreams Be Your Motivation” #SelfLove

Happy Self Love Saturday!

Recently I’ve done a few interviews for different blogs and online magazines and I keep being asked the question, “What motivates you?” I think this is a great question and the first time I got it  I was a bit stumped because honestly I hadn’t ever stopped to think about What keeps me going. I realized as I was answering the question that what motivates me is simply my dreams. I have BIG Dreams, like seriously HUGE and they keep me up at night and sometimes distracted in the day from day dreaming and I honestly feel like until these dreams become my reality I have to stay motivated and keep going.

It’s being on My Self Love Journey that has helped me to feel confident in my dreams and to have  a sense of peace and not worry when I think of them because I know I can have and achieve all of them, and in the words of Lupita, “my dreams are valid”.  My dreams are apart of me, I have them for a reason. My dreams are my heart and soul and keeping them in my heart and on my walls, computer screens, phone screens in apart of my day to day conversations is what helps to keep my motivated and truly excited for life! This video below is to encourage all of you to use your dreams as motivation! Keep going, don’t stop until your dreams are real!

Happy Self Love Saturday! 


  1. Ms. Legal Regal says:

    Andrea i love you..you give me serious food for thought…i needed to hear this and this self love journey has not been easy but the life i see for myself has been keeping me motivated..and i love you for these videos…I can’t thank you enough (so cheesy) but thank you

  2. You look bright and happy ! Love it. My dreams of being a successful happy actress keeps me going since I started this self love process. Thank you! 

  3. Hey Andrea! Love your vids and blog! I subscribe to both, just wanna say the work you do is fab! and you should definitely continue what your doing because your inspiring people and allowing people to go after their dreams! keep going hun 🙂 I started a blog on health, wellness and things that make me feel good 😀 hope your able to check out what you inspired a 15 year old from Ireland to do!

  4. Thanks for the love Jenny! And I love the blog! 🙂 xo