(New Blog Post) #WCW My Mama – Happy Birthday!


The first Queen I ever met was my Mother. 

Today is my Mom’s birthday and it only felt right to publicly acknowledge the GREATEST person in my life.


Happy Birthday Mom, I love you more than words can tell. You are my best friend, my biggest inspiration, my confidant, my cheer leader, my coach, my business partner and the person I care most about in the whole world.

We have grown and experienced so much in this year and all of it has made us stronger and more prepared for God’s purpose on our life. He has proven that through Him all things are possible and shown that when you love God, you love yourself.

I hope in my lifetime to be half the woman that you are and I hope in this year of life that all of your wildest and most beautiful dreams come true because you are so deserving.


Happy Birthday!! Xoxo 🎉😘❤️🎂