(New Video Post) How To Make A Web Series

Hey guys!

A lot of you requested this video and it’s one of the most popular questions I get, so here is my video on the easy basic steps I think you need to Make a Web Series!

(New Video Post) #BeyondComplicated is Back! [Thursday Aug 4th]


Aaaaannnnnd We’re back!! I’m excited to announce that this Thursday Aug 4th you can watch 3 new Episodes in the and dive further into the lives of HIM & HER! Woop! Watch the trailer below and tell your friends, family and c0-workers to get ready!

“Love is never easy but surely it doesn’t have to be this messy… BEYOND COMPLICATED”

Watch pt 1 HERE

Created By: Andrea Lewis & KarynRose Bruyning
Directed By: William Alex Runnels
Produced By: Andrea Lewis, KarynRose Bruying, & Brian Walker

HER – Antoinette Henry
HIM – Skylar James
Kori – Andrea Lewis
Marisol – Patti Mugerza
Sasha – Nnenna Benz
Troy – Stephen Cofield Jr.

Edited By: William Alex Runnels
Shot By: Mike Wells Jr
Sound Mix: Artemus Jenkins
Music By – Rich Kidd

Jungle Wild Productions

(New Web Series Alert) Beyond Complicated Trailer 3/9/16

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New Web Series! New Web Series! New Web Series! I’m very excited to announce that on Wednesday March 9th I’ll be dropping the first part of my new show Beyond Complicated co-written by KarynRose Bruyning and myself!

Beyond Complicated is a show about the difficulties and day to day miscommunications that happen in a relationship. Each episode shows both the male and female lead’s perspective on their situation.  This is the 2nd scripted web series from my production company Jungle Wild and I was inspired to create from my girl friends and our own real life conversations about guys and how and why the sexes usually don’t understand each other. I am so proud of this show, the cast, and my awesome NY crew for helping me to produce another show! On March 9th be ready to join the conversation, pick a side and learn a little something about the complications of being in a relationship.

(New Video Post) #BlackActress Season 2 BIG Announcements!


Hey guys!

A lot of you have been asking me “When is Season 2 coming?” and I’m very happy to announce it’s finally here! Season 2 will be premiering on Thursday February 5th on youtube.com/AndreaLewisChannel  and you’ll be able to watch New Episodes every Thursday starting in February! I’m so excited for you guys to see the new season because it is just everything and more. Big shout out to everyone involved and all the hard work they’re doing to create an amazing show!

This year my production company, Jungle Wild Productions will be releasing a few other shows to add to our roster and to celebrate Black History Month in February we will be releasing trailers, scenes and sneak peeks into some of our New shows. We’re also doing a ton of giveaways to show our appreciation for all the support we’ve received with Black Actress, so check out the video below for everything that we have in store for 2015, it’s going to be a great year!

(New Video Post) #BlackActress Wrap Up Q & A’s — Thank You!

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I can’t say it enough, this experience has been absolutely amazing for me and I’ve loved every single part of it and I honestly feel at home in being a producer/writer/actress/CREATOR! I’m very proud of the story I told with “Black Actress” and extremely grateful for the Cast & Crew, Michael “Boogie” Pinckney, Brian Walker, Jabari Johnson, Nicholette Dixon, Jamila Webb, Brad Kaaya, Zai Toussaint, Will Runnels, Issa Rae and Benoni Tagoe for helping me with “Black Actress” and believing in the vision and helping to bring it to reality! I can’t tell you how blessed I feel.

So I wanted to give you guys a bit more back story and I knew people would have questions so I asked you guys to send in your questions about the show and everyone sent in a bunch of great questions and I took some time to answer as many as I could, if I didn’t get to your question in this video I’ll be responding to you on twitter/facebook instead!

Thanks again for the love guys! xo