(New Video Post) “Embracing Uncertainty” #SelfLove


Happy Self Love Saturday! 

This Self Love Saturday video is inspired by Eckhart Tolle. I recently watched an interview he did with Oprah on “Super Soul Sunday” and he spoke about embracing the unknown and the uncertainty of life. He says that “Fear is no longer a dominant factor in what you do when you are comfortable with uncertainty”. Life is supposed to be an adventure, if we knew everything that was going to happen there would be no room to grow.  “Embracing Uncertainty” has been a constant theme and lesson for my year that I’m still very much learning and trying my best to accept that I don’t always know what the end result is going to look like but that shouldn’t stop me from living and going after my dreams. Along with uncertainty I have to embrace failure and realize that there is always a lesson to be learned in everything we do. I’m sure some of you can relate to this idea and how difficult it is to let go, but it’s important that we try, just be in the moment and let life take us where it wants us to go, it’s an adventure for a reason. Check out this video below on my thoughts on for “embracing uncertainty”.

Happy Self Love Saturday xo

(New Video Post) “Let Your Dreams Be Your Motivation” #SelfLove

Happy Self Love Saturday!

Recently I’ve done a few interviews for different blogs and online magazines and I keep being asked the question, “What motivates you?” I think this is a great question and the first time I got it  I was a bit stumped because honestly I hadn’t ever stopped to think about What keeps me going. I realized as I was answering the question that what motivates me is simply my dreams. I have BIG Dreams, like seriously HUGE and they keep me up at night and sometimes distracted in the day from day dreaming and I honestly feel like until these dreams become my reality I have to stay motivated and keep going.

It’s being on My Self Love Journey that has helped me to feel confident in my dreams and to have  a sense of peace and not worry when I think of them because I know I can have and achieve all of them, and in the words of Lupita, “my dreams are valid”.  My dreams are apart of me, I have them for a reason. My dreams are my heart and soul and keeping them in my heart and on my walls, computer screens, phone screens in apart of my day to day conversations is what helps to keep my motivated and truly excited for life! This video below is to encourage all of you to use your dreams as motivation! Keep going, don’t stop until your dreams are real!

Happy Self Love Saturday! 

(New Video Post) Living With Purpose #SelfLoveSaturday

Happy Self Love Saturday!

How are you guys? Today I want to talk with you about “living on purpose or with purpose”. This has been a common theme in my life and figuring out what it is and how to do it and even though I’m still figuring it out I’m finally starting to understand what it means. I believe living on and with purpose, is finding your “why” to life, understanding why you do what you do and why it is important to you. Finding your passion and rooting your drive in your beliefs and going for what you are meant to be doing. When you know your “why” you can endure any “how” for what you are meant to achieve. Meaning, no amount of problems, challenges or set backs can stop you or take you off of your course because you are living with purpose! Check out the video below for my thoughts on living with purpose.

Happy Self Love Saturday!

(New Video Post) “Trust The Journey & Let Your Intuition Guide You” #SelfLove

Hey guys, Happy Self Love Saturday! 

Today I want to talk with you about trusting your journey and letting your intuition guide you. One of my favorite things to do is reflect on my journey either by myself or with my mom since she’s been with me through all of it. We love to talk about all of the people we’ve met, good and bad and the places we’ve traveled to, the risks we’ve taken and so much more. We always point out that no matter how a situation or opportunity turned out it lead us to the next step, and whether it was a lesson learned or gaining some kind of achievement to add to the resume it all did something and it was all for a reason. It took me a very long time before I realized how important every single piece of the journey was and that no matter how fast or slow my life seemed to be moving that I need to experience everything that I had gone through to get me to this place in my life and to prepare me for what is to come. Trusting the journey is so important, learning to let go and just enjoy it is a lot easier said than done but when you do, you see why you had to.

Along with learning to trust my journey, I had to learn to listen to my intuition a lot more and let it be my guiding voice. When you listen to your intuition you realize it has your back! There’s a reason why it keeps talking to you in the back of your mind or pricks you in your stomach until you respond, it’s telling and showing you something before you realize it! I have many situations from when I was younger that my intuition was trying to give me a message and I just ignored it for whatever reason and looking back on it now I wish I didn’t because I probably could’ve avoided a lot of messy situations. Now I listen to my intuition loud and clear, if it doesn’t feel right I don’t do it! And if it feels right and genuine to me than I fight for it! Your intuition is the real you talking, so listen to it carefully! Check out this video below of why I think Trusting Your Journey and Letting Your Intuition Guide You is very important for Self love! 

Happy Self Love Saturday! 

(New Video Post) “What is REAL Beauty?” #SelfLove

Happy Self Love Saturday!

Today I want to focus on what REAL beauty is and where it comes from? In my opinion the only way to achieve Real beauty is to start from the inside out. That means the kind of foods that we put in our bodies to help us take care of ourselves! There are lots of different healthy foods that can you eat to decrease stress and boost your mood all while making your skin, hair and body better as well!

Enhancing my diet and making it healthier has been a mission of mine for a while and I can honestly say that taking the time to research foods, and make a conscious effort to improve my diet has paid off greatly for me. My skin and hair is better and most importantly my mood is better and my body now craves fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Self love is about taking care of your self in every way possible and your diet is very important and can make or break the quality of your life because health is wealth! Check out the video below and take a look at your diet, hopefully it’s heading in the right direction. Happy Self Love Saturday!

(New Video Post) “Have Patience with Your Self” #Selflove

Happy Self Love Saturday!

I want to remind you guys that this is a long journey, and it’s ok to fall as long as you get yourself back up. I’ve been on a self love journey for 2 years and it took me a while to get to a place where I was very comfortable to speak about it and share my journey. This video is just a reminder to keep going and to have patience with yourself as you travel this road! Have a great weekend! xo

(New Video Post) Letting Go of the Negatives with a List #SelfLove

Happy Self Love Saturday!

When I really started to get serious about my self love journey I created two lists, 1. that was filled with my doubts, fears and insecurities and the other that was filled with my strengths and solutions to all those negatives. When I was complete I ripped up my negative list and kept my positive one and it has truly helped me to let go of all of the negative things that were living inside of me and just focus on the good stuff! I posted the positive list on my wall and I read it as often as a can to remind me of all the good traits I have, to confirm all of the goals that I have  and to truly let go of any of the negative thoughts that I had holding me back. I strongly suggest you try this exercise out and see what happens. Happy Self Love Saturday!

(New Video Post) #SelfLoveSaturday – “Positivity Breeds Positivity”

I want to start this post by first saying thanks to Anna (@sparklekitten81) for giving me the inspiration for this weeks video! A lot has been going on with me lately, some of it great and some of it not so great and I’ve been having a lot of up and down moments which can cause me to feel bad about myself. But the other night I read her tweet and it came just in time to remind me of my “positivity journey”. I’ve worked so hard at becoming a positive person in the last couple years and I can honestly say that in doing that my whole world has changed and “positivity breeds positivity”. I may have my moments but overall my life is extremely positive and I’m thankful for the people in it, my career and my journey. I owe all of it though to my mission on being a positive person and working at it the same way you do your weight or any other thing that you want really badly in your life. My life isn’t perfect but it’s good, my spirit is good, and my life is good because I want it to be and search for positive influences and inspiration on a regular basis to make sure that I stay on the right path. Today on this #selflovesaturday I encourage all of you to think about that statement “positivity breeds positivity” and how it can help and change your life to purposely be a positive person! 🙂

(New Post) “God isn’t leaving me out he’s just getting me ready” #selflovesaturday

Every now and then, you give something your all, put up the big fight and go after what you want with reckless abandon but it doesn’t work out….What do you do? Quit? Become bitter? Wear the rejection on your shoulders like an ugly coat? No. You live, your learn, you take a look at where you could’ve done better and keep going looking for the chance to give it your all once again.

I’ve learned a big lesson this past year, I went after something I wanted like nothing else mattered in the world. I had ups and downs, good days and bad days and every now and then I had great days. I gained and lost inspiration while on this journey but at the end of it all, it was like pulling teeth to truly make it work. I have this philosophy that if something I’m doing is like “pulling teeth” to get it to work meaning it’s getting “very difficult, a lot of pulling and tugging and it’s starting to hurt” then I have to step back and analyze why it isn’t working. In my analysis sometimes I have to come to a hard realization that no matter how hard I try it’s not going to work and I have to walk away.

But in the past I used to hold on to these “disappointments” and “rejections” like an unhealthy badge of honor that I thought was making me better but instead it was just making me bitter. It’s hard sometimes to let go of things that you really wanted but didn’t get and to stop blaming yourself and just realize that it wasn’t meant for you to have. I had to grow and have faith and tell myself that “God isn’t leaving me out he’s just getting me ready”. I really believe this and it’s helped me a lot to accept and move on from things that didn’t work out for me. I hope you’re all having a great weekend and if you happen to be going through some things I hope this post helped you. Xo

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(New Video Post) Self Help Books and Stories #SelfLoveSaturday

Happy Self Love Saturday!! A few of you asked me if I read self help books and which ones would I recommend. Well here is a list of just a few that I’ve read in the last few months and ones that I’m currently reading! Let me know your top books in the comments or tweet me @missandrealewis with the hashtag #selflovesaturday. Let me  know why those books inspired you! Check the video below!