(New Video Post) Gloing Up? What Now? #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!!!

So we’re in phase one of the “Glo Up” what do we do now? This is when we plan, strategize and then execute. We know we want better for ourselves and to change and now the only thing to focus on is how? How, why and what do we need to do? I love strategy, it gives me energy to come up with a new plan and I’m truly excited when I begin to execute it. The last 2 weeks have been spent, dreaming, analyzing and planning for my future and accepting my present state. I feel hopeful, grateful and a lot more energized.

Take this weekend to make a plan for yourself, check out my video below and let me know how your beginning is going!

(New Picture Post) Bonfire Love with #TheSquadLA


My friend Lamingo and a collective of his friends have started #TheSquadLAAn Inspiring group of young professionals who have come together to share each other’s talents while creating a supportive and resourceful network. – I think it’s a really dope idea and a great way for young people of color to grow their networks and flourish in a positive way. Last night they had a bonfire event at Dockweiler beach in Los Angeles and a few of my friends and I went and it was awesome!








(New Video Post) Artist Vlog – T.O – LA Behind The Scenes


Hey guys!

How are you? I’ve been incredibly busy over the last few weeks, prepping “Black Actress” Season 2, auditioning, writing another series and hustling as much as I can to make my dreams a reality. I’ve been vlogging a lot too and I wanted to take you guys on the adventure with me as I went from Toronto to Los Angeles, check out the video below and stay tuned for part two!

(New Video Post) LA Vlog – Lunch Meetings [Artist Grind]

Hey guys!

As you may know I was apart of 2 awesome events recently and did a little bit of traveling to LA & Toronto for them and I decided to Vlog a bit of my journey!


I was in LA hosting a panel for The Black Entertainment & Sports Lawyers Association on Black Actresses and the panel featured Naturi Naughton, Essence Atkins and Numa Perrier and it was a truly amazing experience! I’ve been apart of a few panels  but I don’t always come out of them feeling like I learned something new but with this one, I learned a lot. The audience was full of lawyers, managers, agents, and publicist and we all were able to learn something from each other to go further in the entertainment business, as I said it was a really great experience! While being in LA I did a lot of lunch meetings, it was one of those trips were I did a lot of brainstorming and connecting with people to talk about strategy and collaborating with one another. I also got a chance to hang out with my friends and have some much needed fun! Then I went to Toronto and I was the featured guest at “The Creative Networking Class: BossHood Edition”. I got a chance to share my story and connect with a lot of my followers in Toronto, Montreal and even some from London England! It was a lot of fun, and I was really glad to be apart of it and my mom and brother got to come with me and ain’t nothing better then a fam jam! Check out the video below of my recent adventures, hope you’re all doing well!