(New Video Post) Stop Sabotaging & Find Your Purpose #SelfLoveSaturday – Last Post of 2016

The video above and message below is for anyone who has spent this year and all the other years sabotaging themselves out of their purpose. Stop doing it, find your peace, believe in yourself, let go of your bad habits and step into your light.


2016 was a weird year for me, I’ve said this a bunch of times on this blog, but once again, it was really weird! Kinda felt like Mercury was in retrograde the whole year lol. So I’m going into 2017 positive, ready and realistic. I’m not setting goals for the whole year like I usually do, or making any grandiose promises of how “2017 is going to be MY year and last year was just a warm up” blah blah. Instead I’m just setting up my goals month to month which is what I usually do, and it helps me to stay on task.

I learned a lot of important lessons this year about myself, one being that I have a lot of ideas, but in order for me to accomplish them I have to plan them out in the most realistic way possible. Write them down, give them a deadline and I will complete it. That was a positive discovery.

The 2nd being that I have a pattern of doing self sabotaging behavior, both consciously and unconsciously and this is something that I have to actively work on and unlearn. I sabotaged myself all year in ways that I have already done in the past (gaining weight, cutting off my hair, falling into a depression and relying on other people to fix it) so realizing that I was on a loop was equally shocking and annoying for me. This was also a positive discovery because once you realize where the problems are in your life, the only thing left to do is fix it.

I am very confident in the fix and in the conscious changes that I’ll be making to my life for 2017 and on ward. I’m not ashamed to say I’m not perfect and some of my issues and mistakes are solely brought on my own choices, but life is about growth and becoming your best self for the time and place. I’m going to continue to figure it out, in the best way that I can and I am going to unlearn as much as I can. There’s a quote that I read this week that basically said, Hell is meeting the person you could’ve became. I would hate to get to the end of my days and I realize I held myself back from being all that I could be.

2016 was the year of shining a spotlight on my dark spots which now in hindsight I’m realizing it was exactly what I needed because in 2015 I felt like my self love journey was in a rut and was lacking inspiration, but God said “hold up little girl! You still have work to do!” LOL.

So here’s to hoping that in 2017 I surprise myself!

Thank you all for your continued support, have an amazing New Year’s Eve and a fantastic first day of 2017!

(New Video Post) Broken Camera – But The Show Must Go On! #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!

My camera is broken 🙁 It hurts me to type that. I gave it in to the repair shop yesterday and all the camera stores I went to gave me the same report that it would take 3-6 weeks because of the holidays…womp womp :(.

But as disappointed as I am the show must go on. That was the lesson for me this week, regardless whatever bumps, heart aches, unexpected repairs, and whatever other BS comes in your way, the show doesn’t stop! You have to keep going.

What is “the show”? The show is your goals, your dreams, your long term plans, your true self, your best self, it’s the thing that is most important to you — The path to this doesn’t stop because of stress, depression, defeat, financial strains etc. Stay focused on the course, deal with the problems as they come in the best way possible, in the way that serves you in the end. Learn the lesson, grow and prosper! All week that message has been slapping me in the face, asking me “what is important to you? Why? How will you do it?”  I have a cough/cold right now and I had an audition yesterday where I had to sing SING 4 songs. So I tied my boot straps tight, drank all the tea my pantry had to offer, hot tottied my way to bed every night and sweat through all the layers of clothes I had on to make sure something resembling “Andrea the singer” would show up to my audition.

My camera’s broken but that doesn’t stop me from posting and talking about my weekly Self Love Message because it’s not about my camera in the end, it’s not about a super polished image and a bunch of likes, it’s about my journey and talking about it with the community of people who have constantly encouraged and inspired me to keep going.

The show must go on.

Today my message to you, is no matter what you’re going through, stay focused on the long term goal,  take a deep breath, talk to a friend or family member if you can’t solve the issue on your own and aim for success. Your goals don’t stop, your growth don’t stop. YOU don’t stop! The show must go on.

(New Post) Round Table Discussion: Black TV w/ @issarae @hillmangrad @MissNuma @AshleyBlaine

A few months ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Issa Rae, Numa Perrier, Lena Waithe and Ashley Blaine Featherson about the state of Black TV and how black women are portrayed in contemporary media. All of these women are making some serious moves in the film and web world and I admire their hustle and respect for arts and all of them dropped some gems for how they reached their own success and how we can find a solution for making the “average black woman” a mainstream staple. Join in to the discussion below.

(New Video Post) #BlackActress Wrap Up Q & A’s — Thank You!

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I can’t say it enough, this experience has been absolutely amazing for me and I’ve loved every single part of it and I honestly feel at home in being a producer/writer/actress/CREATOR! I’m very proud of the story I told with “Black Actress” and extremely grateful for the Cast & Crew, Michael “Boogie” Pinckney, Brian Walker, Jabari Johnson, Nicholette Dixon, Jamila Webb, Brad Kaaya, Zai Toussaint, Will Runnels, Issa Rae and Benoni Tagoe for helping me with “Black Actress” and believing in the vision and helping to bring it to reality! I can’t tell you how blessed I feel.

So I wanted to give you guys a bit more back story and I knew people would have questions so I asked you guys to send in your questions about the show and everyone sent in a bunch of great questions and I took some time to answer as many as I could, if I didn’t get to your question in this video I’ll be responding to you on twitter/facebook instead!

Thanks again for the love guys! xo

(New Video Post) #BlackActress Cast – Character Similarities & On Set Crushes

Hey guys,

There’s a new episode tonight 4pm pst/7pm est on youtube.com/issarae but just before tonight’s shenanigans I wanted to share another cast video where we discuss how similar we are to our characters and who our crushes were! Enjoy.

(New Video Post) #BlackActress – Meet The Cast & Acting Pet Peeves

Tomorrow is a new episode of “Black Actress” @ 4pm pst/7pm est. In the mean time meet some of the actors behind the characters in the show.

I’d like to introduce you guys to Allison Edwards-Crewe aka “Izzy”, Rob Vincent aka “Romeo” and Suzannah Gugsa aka “Alicia”. I’m very proud to say that the entire cast of “Black Actress” consists of talented hard working actors that I believe in and HAD to find a way  to put them in the show and I love all of the performances through out the series.

In this video we discuss a few of our pet peeves of pursuing an acting career, the one common factor amongst all actors and some of our on set shenanigans, Enjoy!

(New Video Post) #BlackActress Episode 3 featuring @ReaganGomez

I can’t believe how the weeks are flying by and we’re already at Episode 3!  Tonight’s special guest is the beautiful Reagan Gomez, from Zaria on ParentHood and one of the voices on The Clevelands and she has her own web series called “Home Again” getting ready to go into it’s 2nd season that you can watch at http://www.youtube.com/reagangomez . For now check out tonight’s episode and let me know what you think!

Episode Description:

After a few failed audition attempts, Kori decides to join a new acting class with the renowned writer/director Tommy Hannigan and the class doesn’t turn out exactly as she’d hoped. Special Guest Reagan Gomez.

(New Post) What we’ve learned from “Kori Bailey” so far #BlackActress 4pm pst/7pm est

Episode 3 Comes out tonight at 4pm pst/7pm set and I wanted to do a quick re-cap on what we’ve learned from “Kori Bailey”.

1. Auditions are difficult no matter how prepared you think you are.

2. It’s ok to be insecure just don’t stop pursuing your dreams

3. You are your own worst enemy.

In the first two episodes of Black Actress we watched Kori struggle through her auditions and also struggle to regain her confidence in herself as an actress. Luckily her best friend Izzy has served as both her support system and distraction to remind  her that life continues outside of “acting”. In tonight’s episode Kori takes initiative to do something about her acting career and starts a new acting class with the renowned Tommy Hannigan. The class however doesn’t end up being what she hoped for and anyone that takes acting classes knows you shouldn’t always believe the hype!

I think all entertainers have once been in the same place as “Kori Bailey”. Unsure where your life is headed and even more unsure of what you’re doing. It’s a scary place to be in and depending on your choices you’re either going to sink or swim.

Check out the first two episodes below and stay tuned tonight 4pm pst/7pm est http://www.youtube.com/issarae

(New Video Post) Episode 2 of #BlackActress fting @naturinaughton

Episode Description: Kori is very hopeful for a double audition day but she continues to struggle with her auditions. While her best friend, Izzy has a new potential love interest. Guest appearance from Naturi Naughton. Created by and starring Andrea Lewis. Enjoy!

(New Video Post) Black Actress Ep 1 ft @TatyanaAli

Episode Description:

Kori Bailey jumps back into auditioning after taking a much needed, brief hiatus. But she begins second guessing herself and the business as she finds auditions aren’t coming as easy as they used to. Guest star appearance from Tatyana Ali.


Enjoy! 🙂