(New Video Post) Finding Magic, Finding Joy & Finding Trust – 3 Part #SelfLove Documentary

I wanted to make a documentary that focused on Self Love and the beauty of Black Women, below you’ll find A 3 part series, “Finding Magic” “Finding Joy” & “Finding Trust”. I was privileged to have open honest and inspirational conversations with writers, singers, actors, artists and cool girls who shared their experiences with me and I am so happy with how it turned out. Thanks for the love it’s already received and please let the questions sit with you and let me know? What’s your magic? What’s your biggest fear and when did you find trust for yourself?

#BlackActress Season 2 Ep 4 ft @Keesha_Sharp


Hey guys,

My apologies for the late upload, when you’re an independent filmmaker sometimes the technical God’s play with your emotions, but we’re back in business finally! Tonight’s episode features the beautiful Keesha Sharp who I’m obsessed with because she’s awesome and petite like me! In this episode she gives great advice on how she deals with fear, rejection and keeping sane in this business.

Tonight Kori meets with a very accomplished acting coach, Stella played by series producer Essence Atkins, to help her with her upcoming audition and she begins the process of breaking her down. Romeo takes things up a notch and invites Kori and Izzy out for a group date and his true feelings for her are revealed. Enjoy the episode below, this will be the last one as we take a mid season break, help us to complete our season and donate to our kickstarter campaign HERE

(New Video Post) #BlackActress Season 2 BIG Announcements!


Hey guys!

A lot of you have been asking me “When is Season 2 coming?” and I’m very happy to announce it’s finally here! Season 2 will be premiering on Thursday February 5th on youtube.com/AndreaLewisChannel  and you’ll be able to watch New Episodes every Thursday starting in February! I’m so excited for you guys to see the new season because it is just everything and more. Big shout out to everyone involved and all the hard work they’re doing to create an amazing show!

This year my production company, Jungle Wild Productions will be releasing a few other shows to add to our roster and to celebrate Black History Month in February we will be releasing trailers, scenes and sneak peeks into some of our New shows. We’re also doing a ton of giveaways to show our appreciation for all the support we’ve received with Black Actress, so check out the video below for everything that we have in store for 2015, it’s going to be a great year!

(New Video Post) “Black Actress Panel: Leveraging Our Personal Brand” Presented by @Besla_Org

A few weeks ago I hosted a panel in Los Angeles on “Black Actresses and Leveraging Our Personal Brand for Success”. The panel was presented by  The Black Entertainment & Sports Lawyers Association at UCLA Law School and it featured Essence Atkins, Naturi Naughton and Numa Perrier. I wanted to share a portion of the panel with you guys and share some of the topics that we discussed. This was a very interesting panel for me to be apart of, it was different from any other I’ve done because the audience that we were speaking to was a group of lawyers, publicists and agents who were all  currently working in their respective fields. All of us on the panel agreed that as much information that we gave to them, they also gave us to us with their questions and suggestions for us to grow in our own careers. It was an overall great experience and I was very glad to be apart of it. Thanks again to the BESLA Organization, Tony Brackett and Brian Walker for asking me to be apart of this great panel and to Naturi, Essence and Numa for being apart of it, and being so open and honest! And a HUGE thank you to Nicholette Dixon for filming it! Enjoy!

(New Video Post) Black Actress: Essence Atkins Interview @EssenceSays [Full Length]

I couldn’t wait to release the extended interview from the beautiful and genuine Essence Atkins. Her interview was absolutely amazing, she was so honest and sincere with her advice and sharing her experience in the entertainment industry, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to include in “Black Actress”. Essence was an actress that  I grew up admiring, I was obsessed with her on both “Smart Guy” and “Half and Half”  and I’m so glad that she was just as amazing in real life. Thank you, Essence for being apart of “Black Actress” and please enjoy her full length interview below!