“What Are You Thankful For?” #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!

How are you guys doing? My apologies for being M.I.A with #SLS videos but I’m back now! It was Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday (Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October) and it inspired me to get back into my Saturday ritual and talk to you guys about what I am thankful for. I’ve had a very interesting year and even though it’s had a few bumps I’ve still had a lot to be thankful for like my family, my friends, my sight, hearing and overall health and for constant motivation and inspiration in my life. I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving and let me know in the comments what you’re thankful for.

(New Video Post) Relinquishing Control in Your Relationship #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!

Recently I got a message from God, I say this because in one day I ended up having two separate conversations about the same topic. When something like that happens to me, I know it’s not coincidence, it’s a message and I have to take it seriously. The topic at hand was relationships and understanding, accepting and relinquishing control of the person infront of you. It’s sometimes hard to accept the fact that the people we’re in relationships with can change, love is a two way street and with that you have to accept that you cannot control the person infront of you. Acceptance of who they are and who they are becoming or grown to be will help you dealing with any changes happening. But just like everything else in life, our relationships change for a reason and at the end of the day you have to trust in God that he is always guiding you to the places and people that you are supposed to be with. Check out my video below.