(New Video Post) Be Mindful of Your Energy #SelfLoveSaturday


Hey guys,

Happy Self Love Saturday and Happy 4th of July for all of my American Friends! Today I want to talk to you about the importance of your energy and words and how what you think and feel is exactly what you get back. Before the summer started, I put “out there” (ie. multiple conversations and thoughts) that I want to bring more exciting adventures and energy into my life, I wanted to meet interesting people and have more of a social life. And in the past couple months that is EXACTLY what has come back to me in every way and I’m loving it, so with that I have learned another important life lesson. You have to be very aware of the energy that you are putting out into the world and make sure that it is exact and positive because it will definitely come back to you! Check out my video below and I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.

(New Video Post) Self Love with @RoscoSpears & @DamarisLewis “What is Self Love?”


Hey guys,

Happy Self Love Weekend! The other day I had an amazing day with my girls Damaris Lewis & Rosco Spears in Central Park and we spent the day talking about Self Love and what we want in life so naturally I was inspired to film it and share it with you guys, enjoy!

(New Video Post) Let Me Be Your Hype Man #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!

Today I simply want to remind you how awesome you are! Every now and then we need a reminder and today I am your hype man! Enjoy the video below and Happy Self Love Saturday!

(New Video Post) “Enjoy Your Own Company” #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of enjoying your own company. Diane Von Furstenberg has a great quote that I live by “You’re always with yourself so you might as well enjoy the company”. It’s very important to be able to feel secure and at peace with being alone and being on a self love journey can really help with that. When you have self love you find comfort in your own company and outside factors don’t shake your confidence or happiness or control you. Since being on my self love journey I have more of an understanding of being my own company and enjoying the moments I have alone. Check out the video below and enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

(New Video Post) Finding Self Love in a Relationship #SelfLoveSaturday



Happy Self Love Saturday!

Today I want to talk to you guys about the moment I discovered I needed self love more than ever before and it was while I was in a relationship. I am naturally a very giving and selfless person and through out my life it has been both a gift and a curse. In the past when I’d be in a relationship I would be so concerned and focused on the needs of my partner that I would often end up forgetting about myself or putting my wants away in the back of my mind. I feared if I didn’t do everything for the person infront of me that they would leave me or think I wasn’t good enough, I was leading with fear. This was a terrible way to be, because I was putting my insecurities first and living with them instead of fixing them. I knew at this time that I needed self love. I was holding on to damage from my past experiences and living with a negative belief about myself and forgetting that inorder for my partner to be happy, I have to be happy as well and ignoring my wants and needs in this relationship was the last thing I needed to do. Check out my video below on how I discovered the importance of self love while being in a relationship.

#BlackActress Ep 2 Sn 2 ft @AishaHinds


Hey guys!

It’s Thursday again and that means a new episode of Black Actress. Today’s Episode features the ridiculously talented and beautiful Aisha Hinds from “Beyond The Lights”, “NCIS: Los Angeles” “Under The Dome”, “True Blood” and countless other projects that she was amazing in!

In this Episode Kori has to deal with “actress trends” and whether she fit the mold of the actresses that are on TV right now. Izzy lends her friendly advice and but has her own problems to deal with when she confronts Jermaine about their relationship.

Enjoy Episode 2 Below.

(New Video Post) BOOK GIVEAWAY & Review #SelfLoveSaturday

Happy Self Love Saturday!

Hey guys, today I’ll talking to you about some of the books that I’ve been reading and Giving away a new book called “Absolutely Enough” by Adunni Badmus a new author out of the UK. Check out the video below and the list of all the books I’m reading, let me know what books you guys are reading now and any suggestions you have for me!

Books Reviewed in Ordrer:


2. #GirlBoss

3. A Return to Love

4. Absolutely Enogh

Giveaway Rules:

Tweet me https://twitter.com/missandrealewis with the #SelfLoveSaturday & #AbsolutelyEnough about why you are Absolutely Enough.

(New Video Post) Beauty Advice For My Younger Self: Embracing Natural Beauty


Quick Story:

Before uploading this video I had a bunch of people post on my Facebook page or send me a message thanking me for promoting “natural beauty” and it’s funny because I really didn’t notice how often I talk about natural beauty until doing this post, but I’m happy that others have noticed and allowing me to speak about it!

Now back to the post, when I asked you guys about a month or so ago what kind of things you wanted to see on my youtube channel a bunch of people asked me to add a beauty element. Now I’m no makeup guru but I do happen to love talking about makeup/hair/fashion with my girlfriends and we often talk about the mistakes we made in our past and the advice we wish we could have given our younger selves when comes to beauty! I saw a note that Phylicia Rashad wrote for her 21 yr old self and I decided to take this concept and give it my own spin! Check out my first video below on “Beauty Advice For My Younger Self” on Embracing Your Natural Beauty! What Advice would you give to your younger self?

(New Video Post) “Self Love Tank Top Available” [World Wide Shipping] #SelfLoveSaturday

Happy Self Love Saturday!! 

This year marks two years of my “self love journey” and almost one year of talking about it publicly with all of you! I’m truly blessed to have discovered Self Love and to have started my journey to find confidence, love and acceptance of myself. It hasn’t been easy, it’s taken a lot of discipline, and patience with myself and understanding that life is a journey and every single part of your journey is necessary for making you who you are. As a celebration of my two years of self love I decided to make something I’ve always wanted, a “self love tank top” and I’m making it available for you guys.


It’s One Size fits all, and trust me it really does, because of the stretch! It’s available for World Wide shipping and it’s only $20! Woop! Whether you’re on a self love journey, thinking about it or just starting it, you’ll appreciate this tank! I thank you all for being apart of my self love journey and sharing your own stories with me through twitter and email. The best thing you can do is love yourself, so please continue to grow and change and be whoever you always wanted to be!

Go to MissAndreaLewis.bigcartel.com to make a purchase

Happy Self Love Saturday 


(New post) When you take a leap of faith and it doesn’t work out….

I took a big leap of faith last week and it didn’t work out how I wanted it to but for some reason the first thing that came to my mind was hope and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you guys who may have gone through the same thing…

When taking a leap of faith and it doesn’t work out as planned don’t get down, don’t begin to have regrets and think about the coulda shoulda wouldas. Instead make room…Make room for the blessing that you’re supposed to have. This leap of faith gone wrong is just a dot in the map of your life to lead you to the places and the people that you’re supposed to be with. It wasn’t a mistake, it was an eye opener to show you and everyone else that you’re ready, that you want it and you’re willing to do anything for it. So be proud, add another hole to your confidence belt and tug it tighter because you’re definitely closer. This opportunity may not have worked out as you planned but God and the Universe is just getting you ready for the right one so keep going and keep jumping until you land.

To all my dreamers stay positive 🙂