More Speaking Engagements, More Events, More Panels #2016goals


I genuinely love putting together and hosting events. I also love giving a key note speaker speech, being apart of a panel and speaking directly to an audience on things that I’m passionate about like being a creative entrepreneur, seeing women of color represented properly in the media, self esteem for young girls and women and how to be your authentic self. Doing these things makes me happy.

For the last two years I’ve been very fortunate to be apart of some amazing panels and speak at some incredibly inspiring events, but one of my 2016 goals is to do even more of this type of work. I recently had to put together a reel for my agents and in collecting a few of the videos I realized just how much I love doing it. It’s so fulfilling and one of the perks of my business that I’m happy to give my time to. I’m currently working on a few events to host in LA and NYC and I’m finishing my book so that I can put together a tour and do more speaking engagements through out the year. This is a big dream for my brand and as well simply for “Andrea” the person who loves talking to people about what I’ve learned and experienced!

Claiming it for 2016!


#BlackActress Sn 2 Ep 1 — Ft. @MsAmberRiley

Hello Friends and Family!

Here is Episode One of Season 2 of Black Actress featuring the very talented and beautiful Amber Riley. Amber gave a great interview and touched on dealing with Fear, having anxiety and having to work a normal job while pursuing her dreams! We open with Kori back in business, she’s auditioning but she isn’t booking anything and she’s starting to feel it financially.

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Episode 1

Created/Written By: Andrea Lewis

Directed By: William Alex Runnels

Executive Produced By:

Andrea Lewis

Brian Walker

Brad Kaaya

Carol Desousa

Produced By:

Andrea Lewis

Brian Williams

Essence Atkins

Tatyana Ali

William Alex Runnels 

Nicholette Dixon

Music Executive Produced By Kosine of Da Internz



Kori – Andrea Lewis

Izzy – Allison Edwards Crewe

Sandie – Carey Gravenson

Romeo – Rob Vincent

Karen – Alex Maurice

Special Thank you to Amber Riley


Michael Wells – DP/Color Correction

Vincent Cross – AC

Nicholette Dixon – AD

William Alexander Runnels – Editor

Alex Herboche – Sound Mixer

Rosco Spears – Wardrobe Stylist/Production Design/

Delina Medhin – Makeup

Marsha Page – Makeup

Mahada Afrah – 2nd AD

Dominique Brown – Production Assistant

Cynthia Francillon – Production Assistant

Isa Walker – Production Assistant


“Chords Crazy”

Produced By: Ty Steez


Produced By: Da Internz

Performed By Enrique Dragon ft Problem

“Or6an 2”

Produced By Ty Steez


Produced By: Briddy & Ten

“We Got Options”

Produced By: Da Internz

Performed By: Symphony

“Wild Girls Unite Mix”   

Mix Created By: Dj Big Jacks



(new video) Juicing 101 – How to juice for beginners #alewytaughtme

If you follow me on any social media then you’ll know that I love juicing, smoothies and pretty much all healthy food! I started on my healthy trek about a year and a half ago and I haven’t looked back. I’ve had a lot of requests to post and talk about recipes for smoothies and juices but to be honest I don’t have any exact recipes, I just go with what I like and what’s in my fridge lol. The key for me is using a variety of fruits and vegetables and experimenting so that your body gets something new all the time! Check out my video and my juice and smoothie ingredients below. If you’re a juicer let me know what your favorite recipes are.


4 apples

3 Carrots

2 beets

1 chunk of ginger

throw it in the juicer and go!


Coconut Milk




Flax Seeds

(video) “We’re all stereotyped” – Tatyana Ali #Blackactress


Tatyana Ali is our guest star in the first episode. Listening to her story was so inspiring and exciting for me, it brought tears to my eyes. My journey is very similar to hers, both of us are West Indian, been in the industry since we were kids, started out doing commercials and print ads for major department stores. Finally moved up to Television and literally grew up on TV.

Her maturity and strength in this industry is incredibly inspiring to watch. Since doing The Fresh Prince of Bel Air she hasn’t stopped, she’s produced, written and starred in many different projects be they big or small but she hasn’t stopped. Speaking to her I confirmed what I already know, when you love something you can’t stop fighting for it. Thank you Tatyana!

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