(New Video Post) “The Glo Up” Challenge Yourself #SelfLoveSaturday


Happy Self Love Saturday!

So announcement to make guys… WE’RE GLO-ING UP!

I’ve been so inspired by the 21 day detox and how amazing it made me feel, inside and out. It was one of the first times in my life that I started to see the “SHE” in myself that I’ve always wanted to see and then I had a great conversation with my friend Karyn, who also did the 21 day detox about continuing on this path. We both agreed, the pressure to grow, and become our best selves couldn’t stop after 21 days, but we needed to keep with this energy until we completely became HER! I’m going back to the daily vlogs starting on Dec 1st so please subscribe to my channel  to keep up with everything.

So what does a glo’up mean? What does that look like? It means bettering yourself in every way until you are completely satisfied with who you see in the mirror and then figuring out how to improve that person again lol. For me that means, hot yoga, God, singing, acting, love, self love, creativity, exercise, weight lifting, wellness, being as natural as possible, find joy, faith over fear, new goals, executing my goals, running, 10k race, Half Marathon Race, laughing A LOT, strengthening my friendships, hanging out with my mom, filming all of the time, writing daily,  and more.

So are you ready to challenge yourself?



  1. Camille Belle says:

    I’ve watched a few of your videos in the past and was truly inspired, but because of life and the many ups and downs I stopped watching. Fast forward to a month ago I started a social media cleanse (instagram, Facebook, snapchat) to get back on track with my life. I gravitated to youtube in my free time and stumbled across your 21 day challenge. OMG this was right on time. You have encouraged me to take it another step further to reset my life and I start my 21 detox today! Im ready to Glo up and show up as the woman I’ve always wanted to be. Thank Andrea for you daily vlogs they are truly an inspiration.

  2. Thank you!! xoxo