(New Video Post) “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” [Vlog

Happy Self Love Saturday!!

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words” is a common saying that we’ve all heard a trillion times, but this week I had a lesson in accepting it.

It seems simple but over the years I have had a hard time truly accepting the actions of others when it goes against my image of them or getting something I want. But this week I think I finally got it and then I realized the same goes for myself in terms of accountability, am I just talking the talk? Or am I walking the walk too?

Our words mean nothing if there’s no action to back it up and this week I had a lot of self reflection and questions for myself because there’s nothing louder than the volume of our actions. So ask your self, how often to point fingers in regards to your situation? What are you physically doing to change your situation and who in your life are you listening to in the wrong way? Listening to their words instead of their actions? Check out my video below and let me know how your week has been!


  1. Love this post vlog segment! I watched you in Degrassi back when my daughter was hooked on that show I secretly enjoyed it too btw lol. Anyway I can relate to so much of what you spoke. Listen to your little voice it’s there to protect you and I finally did and cut off several “friends” before my 45th Birth Day which was last month and it’s been amazing! I feel like so many new doors have opened up. Keep sharing I’ll keep watching stay blessed:)!